Snowbird is a web development agency based in
New Zealand.


We are a development team hyper focused on producing great work.

Our mission is to design and develop world class web platforms. It's no coincidence that the people that work with us are our biggest asset.

The values that drive us forward.

Web technologies move at a rapid pace. It's important to have a driving set of principles that define our work.


From the very first meeting everything should be on the table. Transparency is top of mind.


Embrace the ever changing word of web technology. Lean in to a stable and modern tech stack.


Manage expectations and deliver quality work.


Technology is exciting and fast paced. But sometimes stepping offline for a while can refresh and renew our perspective.

Our leadership team

We are collective of digital creatives. Although based in Queenstown, we also have a talented pool of collaborators that span the globe.

There is something beautiful about the journey from a blank code editor to a live product that people enjoy using. When done properly, technology can make our lives infinitely better.
Max Norton
Technical Director, Snowbird

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